About us

Mission Statement

CPG’s goal is to ensure that customers increase visibility and sales by helping them gain better understanding and control of their place in the consumer market.

Who Is Keri-Anne Lawton?

This company is owned and operated by Ms. Keri-Anne Lawton. She has extensive experience in the Publishing industry, having worked as a publisher’s sales representative and as a bookstore manager at a national chain. CPG’s success will be well founded in her strong customer service skills, industry knowledge and network. Her complete resume is available to view in PDF form below.


Why the name Codex Publishing Group?

Definition from the Compact Oxford English Dictionary:


• noun (pl. codices /kodiseez/ or codexes) 1 an ancient manuscript text in book form. 2 an official list of medicines, chemicals, etc.

— ORIGIN originally denoting a collection of statutes: from Latin, ‘block of wood’, later denoting a block for writing on, hence a book.

Etymology from Etymology Online:

codex – “manuscript volume (especially an ancient one),” 1845, see code.

code – 1303, from O.Fr. code “system of laws,” from L. codex, earlier caudex “book, book of laws,” lit. “tree trunk,” hence, wooden tablet for writing.

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